Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Silver Edge by Ciara Knight

Title: Silver Edge
Author: Ciara Knight
Publication: February 20th, 2017
Rating: 4/5 Stars


All I’ve ever wanted is to fit in.

But no one can ever see past how weird I am. Bright lights? Can’t stand them. Loud noises? Definitely sends me over the edge. And touching? Forget about it.

At least, until I met Drake.

From the moment I walked into that nightclub, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. And when Drake touched me, it didn’t send me into a tailspin of sensations that I couldn’t stand. It actually felt…nice. Like something I could get used to. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. 

But now someone wants to close the club down. And since I promised Drake that I’d help him keep it open, I’m going to have to find a way to tap into whatever that inner strength thing is that everyone always talks about. And fast. But what happens if I can’t?


Silver Edge is a book so unlike others.  And that is what I loved about this one. It's uniqueness.  I was so surprised by this book.  It hooked me from the very beginning and didn't let me go until the end.  I could not put this one down, because I had to know what happened next. And plus, I was very, very intrigued.  I have read a few books by Ciara, but this one is very different from what she usually writes.  This is my favorite book from her!!  She did a fantastic job with character development.  The characters showed a lot of growth by the end, especially Scarlet.  I also love how these characters had a lot of depth to them.  Drake and Scarlet both had troubled pasts, and yet still came out strong and passionate.

I loved that this book was from Scarlet's point of view.  Scarlet has Asperger's which makes her a truly special woman.  I can tell Ciara put a lot of research into this character with what people with Asperger's go through.  The sensory issues, loud noises, light.  Scarlet was a mathematical genius and flat out awesome when it came to music.  I loved being inside Scarlet's head, seeing what she was feeling and understanding what she was going through.  I was able to connect with her on such a deeper level because of that.   Scarlet has been through so much, and I felt sorry for her.  She had no clue what was going on with her.  Had no clue she even had Asperger's.  She was diagnosed with so many different things that I truly felt for her.  So when she ran off and moved to Atlanta, everything changed for her.  She met Drake, and he wasn't like anyone she has ever been with before.  His touch didn't bother her after a while.  He could give her so many experiences that she never felt. Feelings she didn't know she was capable of feeling.  I loved seeing her slowly change. She became stronger and independent. 

Scarlet had a very troubled path.  After her mom's death she was switched to foster care.  Having so many bad experiences with those, she ran away a few times.  She was having promiscuous sex and taking drugs.  Anything she could get her hands on to numb herself. Ton found her and brought her to Straight Edge, a community to help those get on the right path.  With the help of Ton and the community she did. She wanted to be able to manage on her own so she ran away and moved to Atlanta.  Everything changed for her in Atlanta.  I got see Scarlet in a whole new light. 

Drake was a fantastic male heroine.  I loved how he was with Scarlet.  How he wanted to do everything right by her.  He also had a troubled path. He was the rich snob who only cared about himself.  Hurt others around him.   Then in one night, he lost everyone he ever loved.  He was dead inside, and Scarlet slowly started to awaken him.  He was scared though.  He didn't want to rush anything, because he was afraid he would lose her as well.  Drake wanted to actually experience all the feelings that goes along with love since he never experienced it before.  And Scarlet hasn't either.  So that was a first for them.  That is what I loved about him.  He wanted their relationship to actually mean something. 

I loved Drake and Scarlet's relationship.  I was really wanting them to end up together.  I just wish that their relationship moved a little slower.  Yes he took his time on the sex part, but everything else moved a little fast with them.  I wanted to see their relationship slowly grow into something more.  But these two had the insta-love feelings going on.  Other than that, I loved this book!

That ending was a shock for me! I was really hoping what was supposedly going on wasn't actually going on.  Every sign pointed that way though and poor Scarlet was so crushed. I had no many thoughts running through my head over this trying to analyze if I missed something.  I was so confused and about ready to be highly upset.

Silver Edge was a riveting story from start to finish.  This story took me on an amazing journey through love, loss, pain and self discovery.  I am really hoping we get another book about Scarlet and Drake.  I was definitely left wanting more.  So I am really hoping for another book!  


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