Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Release Blitz/Review: Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen


Release Date: February 28, 2017

One kiss can change everything.

Fun and flirty Monica Stevens lives for chocolate, fashion, and boys … in that order. And she doesn’t take life too seriously, especially when it comes to dating. When a night of innocent banter with Seattle’s hottest NFL quarterback turns passionate, she fears that everything she once managed to protect will soon be destroyed.

Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, Zachary Ryan, is a workaholic by nature, an undercover entrepreneur, and passionate about the organizations he supports. He’s also addicted to Monica, the curvy brunette with a sassy mouth—and not just because she tastes like strawberries and chocolate. She’s as challenging as she is decadent, as witty as she is charming, and she's the perfect distraction from the daily grind.

While Monica comes to a crossroads in her life, Zachary becomes an unavoidable obstacle, forcing her to stop hiding under the bleachers and confront the demons of her past. But as their connection grows stronger, she knows it only brings them closer to their end.

It’s time to let go.

To have a future, we must first deal with our pasts. But what if the two are connected?


Under the Bleachers has become one of my top, top favorite reads of 2017!!!  OMG!!!  This story blew me away!!!  I loved, loved, loved everything about it.  This is my first book I have read by K.K Allen, and she didn't disappoint at all!!!  I am now a  huge, huge fan!!  I was a little worried about starting this one since I haven't read her other book Up in the Treehouse.  Even though Under the Bleachers and Up in the Treehouse are interconnected, they are both standalone novels.  I am definitely going to have to read Up in the Treehouse immediately now!!!  This book wasn't only a beautiful love story.  It was so much more than that. 

I adored the characters so much in this book. All of them.  Well, except Meredith.  I really wanted to slap her at times.  Anyway, Zachary and Monica stole my heart.  These two characters have beautiful souls.  They felt real and raw to me, and that is what I loved about this book.  K.K. Allen made her characters humanly.  The trials and tribulations that these characters faced is something that can actually happen or something that we have already faced ourselves or can face.  The character development was spot on! Monica and Zach both changed so much as the story progressed. 

Monica was absolutely hilarious!!!  She loves her chocolate as much as she loves to flirt.  After her father left her at a very young age, she has never been able to open her heart to anyone else.  All this time, she has been harboring a broken heart.  She will never be able to let that go until she lets go of the one person who gave it to her.   Even though she has been hurt so much, she still has a bubbly personality.  I connected with her so much.  Monica has lots of secrets though.  And those secrets could make or break her relationship with Zack.  

I loved, loved, loved Zachary!!!  Geesh! He is so sweet and sexy.  Even though he had all that football fame, I loved how down to earth he was.  How he wanted a commitment with one woman instead of having a different one each night.  Always a perfect gentleman.  Zach had his eyes set on Monica.  She was unlike any woman he has ever known.  He pursued her nonstop even though she continually fought him.  He is a very swoon-worthy fellow.  I loved how charming he was.  Zach's coach is very important to him.  Coach was there to help pull him from the dark and push him in the right path. 

Wow! There are so many secrets and revelations that hit me all at once.  I was left completely flabbergasted!!  Shell-shocked!!  I had no clue who Monica's father was, but I was absolutely not expecting him.  I understand Monica's reasons now as to why she didn't want anything more than friendship with Zach.  It made everything complex and complicated.  Monica also learns the real story as to what all went down with her father.  I loved that Monica finally talked to her dad and she was able to forgive him to a certain extent.  I loved how Zach finally made the right choice even though that choice was the hardest and most painful choice to make. 

I also loved the story of who Zach and Desmond were to each other and how they became best friends.  That was very moving.  I am hoping that I will get to see more or Desmond.  I am wondering if Desmond and Monica's sister will be hooking up.  That will be hilarious to see!

Under the Bleachers was an enthralling read from start to finish.  Once I started this book, I honestly could not put it down.  K.K. Allen did a fantastic job weaving a story full love, hope and forgiveness.  I was so sad once I reached the last page of this book, because I did not want it to end.  This book is definitely one that I am going to have to get signed and add to my collection!  It was a beautiful and moving story that definitely pulled at my heartstrings!!  It was epic, mind-blowing and unforgettable!!  A definite MUST read!! 


Signed Paperback of Up in the Treehouse and Under the Bleachers

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About the Author
K.K. Allen is the author of Contemporary Fantasy and New Adult Romance stories. She loves manatees, learned to swim for the mere purpose of pretending she was a mermaid, and adores the beach so much she promises to one day live on one (in a tent if she has to) in Hawaii and serve shaved ice on the side of the road. K.K.'s upcoming Contemporary Romance, Under the Bleachers will release on February 28, 2017. Make sure to secure your preorder!

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