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Review: At the Risk of Forgetting by A.M. Wilson

Title: At the Risk of Forgetting
Author: A.M. Wilson
Publication: January 26th, 2017
Rating: 4/5 Stars


Cami has come a long way from the scared girl who left home at sixteen and pregnant. With hard work and determination, she’s built her daughter a dream life in Arrow Creek, West Virginia. As a single mom, career paramedic, and a homeowner, she doesn’t have time to entertain love. Or men. Or sex. Definitely forget about dating.

Fast forward fourteen years, she stumbles upon her childhood best friend and love, Lawrence ‘Law’ Briggs, at the local coffee shop. A painful confrontation ensues and challenges her carefully constructed reality. Her strength wavers with Law’s reappearance as half-truths are revealed and memories flood through the barrier. Each encounter uncovers the remnants of their deep feelings, but the pain and guilt between them leads Cami to believe they could never work through their past. Dark secrets hold them apart. The deepest betrayal imaginable.

Her daughter was a gift she'd never regret, even if it meant she lost him forever. The answer seems simple, but it’s not. Years of hurt and suffering can’t hide that Law still loves her, but is that love enough?



At the Risk of Forgetting was a very emotional and chaotic story.  My emotions were all over the place with this one. If you want to experience every emotion out there, then this book is for you.  This is the first book I have read by A.M Wilson, and I loved it!  I will definitely be reading more books from her.

Law and Cami have been best friends since they were little.  They fell in love at such a young age.  Their love was timeless and forever and both knew that.  When Law breaks Cami's heart, she feels so lost and alone that she makes the worst mistake imaginable.  Or so she believes.  Then the unimaginable happens. She packs up her things and leaves town without a word.  Fifteen years later, Cami and Law meet again.  Secrets are revealed.

I really liked Law as a character.  He said some really awful things to Cami and done some terrible things that I literally wanted to slap him.  But I understood him.  I felt he had reason to.  Law lost the love of his life for fifteen years and never heard from her.  He searched for her for months.  Lived a life with a woman that wasn't for him and suffered through a lot of tragedy.  So yeah, when he sees Cami after fifteen years, of course he is going to let his anger come through.  I don't blame him there.  He really has suffered so much.  And after meeting her, I don't think he really knew how to control his feelings.  He was constantly back and forth with her.

Cami really showed her strength in this book.  She was a strong female heroine who tried to live her life to the fullest. She had to grow up at such a young age and face responsibilities that a sixteen year old should never face.  But she did. All by herself. She has lived with so much guilt and pain that she believed everything was her fault.  And she never let that go.  Never let Law go.  She also had to go through a horrible upbringing.  So when Law broke her heart, he was all she had left.  Besides her brother.   Meeting Law again sparked a little hope for her.  She wondered if they could fix what was broken.  Find their way back together.

I loved all the supporting characters as well.  Cami's best friend Kiersten was hilarious.  She was the life of the party.  Very blunt.  Always said what was on her mind and what she felt.  Loved that about her.  Kiersten was there for Cami through thick and thin.  She is a best friend anyone would want to have.  I also loved Nathan.  He faced tragedy in his life as well and still pulled through and lived.  He was such a sweetheart.  I am hoping something good happens for him. 

Cami is faced with something very horrific when tragedy strikes.  She comes face to face with every mother's worst fear. This was so emotional and really pulled at my heartstrings.  I had so many tears with this part of the story. 

A major revelation happens.  I mean a huge one.  I kinda wondered if this guy had anything to do with anything that happened to Cami, and I was right! He did.  I was really, really hoping it wasn't true.  Then another, even more shocking secret opened up.  This left me a teary eyed mess as well.  Cami and Law were both feeling so many different emotions with this.  I don't think the truly knew what to feel.  It was a lot to take in.

At the Risk of Forgetting was a fantastic read from start to finish.  I could not put this book down.  With everything going on and happening, I had to know what happened next. I can't wait to see what happens next in Arrow Creek with these characters!  I know there are some major things that I am wanting to happen so I am hoping I get to see those happen. 

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