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Review: Preston's Honor by Mia Sheridan

Title: Preston's Honor
Author: Mia Sheridan
Publication: February 19th, 2017
Rating: 5/5 Stars


 There were two brothers—identical twins—and though I loved them both, my soul belonged to only one.

Annalia Del Valle has loved Preston Sawyer all her life. The daughter of an impoverished migrant farmworker, she grew up as an outcast in what was no more than a tiny, cooped up shack in California’s Central Valley. But her heart found freedom in the land, in the wide-open spaces of Sawyer Farm, and in the boys who were her only friends.

Preston has yearned for Annalia since he was a boy. But a sense of honor kept him from pursuing her until he’s unable to hold back any longer and their worlds—and bodies—collide one hot summer night. A night that sets off a chain of events that will alter their lives forever.

Now Annalia is back in town after disappearing without a trace for six long months. Determined to reclaim her heart, her life, and the baby she left behind—the son who was created in a moment of lust and love and pent-up yearning.

Preston has survived grief, a ravaging drought, and the despair of heartache, but he’s not sure he can survive Annalia again. And he might be unwilling to try. Will pride and bitterness keep him from the one thing he’s always longed for?

How do you heal what is irreparably broken? How do you forgive that which is unforgivable? How do you discover that real honor comes not from circumstance, but from the place deep in our hearts where truth resides? And how do you move beyond the wounds of the past to discover that some loves are as solid as the ground beneath your feet, and as enduring as the earth itself?

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE SIGN OF LOVE NOVEL, INSPIRED BY GEMINI. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Mia Sheridan is one of my favorite authors so I couldn't wait to get my hands on Preston's Honor!!  This story was utterly beautiful and riveting.  It has so much power and impact.  I was brought to my knees several times and left a teary eyed mess as well.  Preston's Honor was so much more than just a love story.  What I loved about these characters were how real they were.  They were flawed and made so many mistakes that they had repercussions to face just as we would.  No one is perfect and these characters weren't.  I couldn't help but love them because of that.  Of their flaws.  This book gave me chills several times throughout the story.  Bone achy chills.  I had to read certain parts a couple times, because I was so in awe over it.  Hence the chills, tingles and butterflies.  I loved this book so much!!

Preston and Cole met Annalia on their farm where her mother worked.  After their first hilarious meeting, they just had to be friends.  These three became best friends.  Always looking out for each other.  As they got older, their feelings changed.  Into something more.  Annalia was taught at such a young age to not live outside her parameters.  And since she was the poor girl, she never believed she was good enough for Preston and Cole.  So she always kept her distance even at school so they wouldn't have to explain her.  What I loved about these two brothers is that her circumstances never mattered to them.  Preston knew more about her than Cole, and he never looked at her differently.  These two boys honestly cared about her.  But which Sawyer gets the chance to be with her?  A certain race determines the fate of these characters.  This race leads to life changing moments that these characters will have to face.  And some of these moments are great and some of these moments are not so great.

Annalia was such a strong character.  When she was little she would always go to work with her mom at the Sawyer farm.  She was the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and never had a father.  She came to be under such a tragic situation that her mother has never cared for her.  Her mom always told her that she has the devil in her.  Annalia has heard this for so long that she really believed it.  When she meets the Sawyer boys, they became her best friends.  They would do almost anything together.  But when around others, she kept them at arms length.  She knew who she was, and she didn't want the brothers to face the consequences for hanging out with her.  Annalia always had strong feelings and a connection with one of the brothers.  She loved and cared for them both , but one of the brothers was the one for her.  She knew it and has always known it.   

I loved Preston and Cole.  Even those these brothers are twins, they are so different.  Preston was the serious one.  He loved working on the farm.  That was his passion.  He looked forward of taking over that responsibility one day.  And that feeling never changed for him as he got older.  He loved working with his hands and producing crops that will get sent to other locations for people to buy.  He was I would call a manly man.  All man.  I loved Preston's character.  Who he was.  His honor was so important to him.  He never broke it. Cole was the goofy brother.  He could charm the pants off of anyone.  Even though he was the charmer, he still had his serious side.  I loved Cole's personality.  He wanted wanted to see the world.  Unlike his brother, he had no intentions on staying on the farm.

One race changed everything for these brothers and Annalia. Sent them on a path of pain, love, tragedy, loss, regret and guilt.  Annalia, Preston and Cole has suffered so much.  Preston's Honor is a book that was inspired by Gemini.  So reading the very first part about Gemini, I knew tragedy was going to strike.  I was preparing myself for it.  But I fell in love with these three characters that I was begging for it not to happen.  But it did happen, and it left me a bawling mess. Then,  Annalia and Preston ended up going through another life changing moment that neither one expected.  But they couldn't see how wonderful it was since they were living with so much grief.  Preston kept his distance and always worked.  Was hardly home.  Annalia was suffering from depression and she didn't know it at the time.  She didn't think the feelings she was having were normal.  So she made a decision that was best for her and Preston and left. She had to leave since they were both damaged.  Later on, Preston learns a major secret about this race.  And of course, Cole is probably laughing his butt off over it!

When she comes back 6 months later, she understands that Preston may no longer want her.  But that didn't stop her from going back to get the one person she did want. I loved watching them slowly rekindle what they had.  Preston and Annalia realized that maybe the best bet was to start completely over.  Share moments that they never experienced.  Change moments on moments they wish they have done differently.  They wanted their second chance and were going to everything they could to get it. 

One moment at the end changed this entire book for me.  I loved the entire book don't get me wrong, but this one moment was my awe moment.  That one special moment that left me with tears and tingles.  That the one person that both Preston and Annalia love and always will is still around them.  That he is always around them.  I am getting chills and tingles right now writing this.  It was so beautifully written.   

Preston's Honor was an enthralling read from start to finish.  I honestly could not put this book down once I started it.  This was a second chance romance that was flawless and epic.  Every page, every chapter left me wanting more.  These characters had to rise past everything they have been through and learn to live again.  This story took me on an emotional journey with so many twists and turns.  So many secrets.  It focuses on a girl who never thought she was enough.  A girl who has to learn that she is enough. And two brothers who had it all, but never needed it all.  This story is so special in so many ways that it will always stay with me.  It is a MUST read! 

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