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Review: Sunday Love by KJ Lewis

Title: Sunday Love
Author: KJ Lewis
Publication: March 1st, 2017
Rating: 3/5 Stars


Smart and sexy Elise Donovan has made a career of fixing things. With a reputation for being the best in the business, her team is often pulled into front page headlines that need to be handled. After being away for six weeks attempting to repair a company just coming through a hostile takeover, time with her team at a luxury retreat is all she wants right now.

It’s no secret Reid Beckett is a serial player who only plays by the rules in business. At a retreat to announce the merger with his best friend’s company, his inability to stay away from the spunky brunette who is soon to be his employee has him questioning if rules really are made to be broken.

Vying for leverage Elise and Reid find themselves battling over who runs things in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Struggling to relinquish power for trust in their relationship, will they be able to leave the rules behind to find their Sunday loves?


Sunday Love was a fun and emotional read for me.  KJ Lewis is a new author to me.  After reading Sunday Love, I will definitely be checking out her other books.  I really liked how this story was in dual POVs.  I loved being able to read from both Reid's and Elise's point of views.  These characters have become some of my favorites.  They gave me so many laugh out loud and awe moments.

I loved and adored Elise so much. She was a character anyone could relate to easily.  It was very easy for me to be able to connect with her.  Elise has learned to control her facial expressions.  When she is working, she is so strong and just appears mean.  She lets them have it.  Elise is a fixer.  She fixes anything and everything that her clients need.  Some situations are very tough. Then, when she isn't working, I got to see her soft and spunky side. Her relationship with her team was so sweet and so hilarious.  They are her family, and she loves them with everything she has.  But together, they were crazy!!!  All the games they played and the conversations they had me laughing so much.  I just really loved how strong she turned out to be even though she faced many traumatic experiences while growing up.  Elise appears heartless, but she isn't.  She is full of heart and everyone she loves has a place in her heart. 

Reid was a fine looking specimen.  He didn't do commitments and didn't want one until he met Elise.   She was everything he didn't know he wanted until he met her.  He was truly lonely until she came in the picture.  Boy, did this man make mistake after mistake with Elise.  He was so jealous over Theo.  And Theo has been married to his husband Ross for a while.  I really did want to knock some since into him.  Reid really got on my nerves when he kept bringing her relationship with Theo up.  But he did love her fiercely and I can't fault him on that.  He was always there when and if she needed him.   And I admit, she did need to start going to Reid instead of Theo!!

As I mentioned up above, I love Elsie's relationship with her team.  They all pretty much knew everything about each other or at least they thought they did.  When playing games, new stories would pop out.  But other than me loving  her relationship with her team, I adored her relationship with Theo.  Their relationship was probably my favorite.  They have been together since she was years old.  They really did know everything about each other.  Theo was there when she was going through the traumatic experiences that she faced.  Theo and Elise were very affectionate towards each other, and Reid would get so jealous over it.  I really wanted to slap him at times.  He often made a big deal out of it and kept bringing it up.  I understand he wanted her whole heart, and he did have her whole heart, but he needed to understand that she loved others as well.  When Elise and Reid weren't fighting over this, I did love their relationship as well.  I just wish I could have seen more of their relationship grow and develop.  It was mostly based on sex and then a couple days after, Reid already loved her.  So it was insta-love. 

The only little issue I had with this book was the flow.  I had trouble following along a few times and had to keep rereading a few parts.  It would jump from one event to another without any spaces separating the paragraphs.  It just didn't flow smoothly into the next one.  One minute they are planning to go somewhere then the next they were already there.  I kept thinking what just happened here. That happened a few times during the story.

Sunday Love was a great read that I really did enjoy.  I really did like this book.  I am hoping that some of these characters I get to see again down the road.  Loved Blake! Wouldn't mind seeing more of him!  Have the tissues ready for this book!  I had a huge bawl fest at the end of this one.  Also cried several times during it as well.  Lots and lots of tissues!

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