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Sleigh Tour Winter Book Review: Winter's Kiss by Catherine Hapka and Jennifer Echols

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Winter's Kiss: The Ex Games; The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Title: Winter's Kiss
Authors: Catherine Hapka and Jennifer Echols
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication: January 3rd, 2012
Pages: 496
Format: ebook
Rating: 5/5 

Goodreads Synopsis

Cozy up to a double dose of winter-themed romantic comedy with two books in one bind-up.Lexi has come up with a master plan to make Cameron break up with her: get him to fall for another girl so she’ll be free (and guilt-free, too). But when the plan goes well—too well—Lexi starts to wonder if she hasn’t made a terrible mistake. Has she let the perfect guy get away? And is it too late to get him back?
     Meanwhile, Hayden and Nick’s steamy relationship has ended in a frosty breakup, and now they’re just friends. But when they decide to go head-to-head in a boarding contest, the friendly competition gets heated….Will sparks start to fly on and off the slopes?

My Review

Winter's kiss
had two wonderful stories that I enjoyed reading.  Both stories were beautifully written.  I was immediately captivated with both stories.  This is a book I will definitely be rereading.  I loved it!!!  I am really hoping I get to see more of these characters down the road. 

The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols was a very sweet story.  I loved, loved loved it. Hayden has never forgiven Nick on the bet he set with his friends.  He hurt her more than she lets on.  Four years later, they appear to have some sort of friendship.  They are always picking on each, calling each other names.   For winter break, Hayden prepares for a boarding competition.  She ends up winning the whole thing.  Now, her friends and her brother won't leave her alone.  Hayden could go pro if she would lose her fear of heights.  Due to the fear, she avoids the jumps at all costs.  She even tries to avoid Nick.  Liz and Chloe won't stop though.  They want to hook the two lovebirds up. Nick and Hayden get into some really mean arguments and the wrong things were said.  They decide to set up a competition between the two of them to see who is the best.  Will Hayden lose her fear of heights to be Nick in this friendly competition?  Will Nick and Hayden find their way back together after four years?

I loved Nick and Hayden!!!   Hayden was very strong and loyal.  She tried very hard to lose her fear of heights.  Hayden never gave up even when she wanted to.  She surprised everyone at the end with one of the boarding tricks she used.  Nick was so hilarious!!!  I loved his mean little ways he used to show Hayden he liked her.  He was a little boy again.  Be mean to the girl you like.  He has picked on her for four long years.  There wasn't a character in this story that I didn't like.  I even adored the relationship between Hayden and her brother.  

This was a very sweet and romantic story,  I was on the edge of my seat every time Nick and Hayden got together.  It always ended badly.  They both had fears to overcome though.  Nick and Hayden were so afraid of being hurt by each other again that they kept each other at arms length.  Nick did try though.  I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and change.  It took many battles and fights, but it eventually came together.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hapka was a great story as well.  Lexi has been worried about her relationship with Cam.  She would soon be moving to a big city for college and didn't see how they would survive that.  She also believed that they lost their spark after being together for four years.  After much thought, she decided that the relationship should end.  She didn't want to hurt Cam though so she came up with this insane idea to make him end it.  Lexi decided that if he fell for another girl he wouldn't hurt over the break up.  Jaylene comes into the picture.  Lexi starts pulling away from Cam and secretly setting up dates with Cam and Jaylene.  Not one of her friends thought this plan would work.  But, it did.  Cam showed up at her house, looking horrible, and ended it.  When Lexi sees them together, she starts questioning if she made the right decision.  She soon realizes that she still loves him and has to get him back.  The question is, is it too late for Lexi to get Cam back?  

Cam was an all around sweet guy.  I adored him.  He would help everyone out no questions ask.  He loved Lexi unconditionally.  He really did hurt over the break up.  But Cam is like Lexi, they both hide their feelings very well.  Even after the break up, Cam was there to support Lexi.  Lexi kinda made me mad at times with these little games she played.  She should have just been honest with him, but she did her thing, and it always backfired. She finally got some sense knocked into her though at the end.  

This was a very engaging story. It had me from the very beginning.  I had to finish it just to see if they would get back together.  I was also on the edge of my seat with this story.  I didn't know how it was going to turn out.  Sometimes it seemed they made the right decision, and at times, it didn't.

I recommended this book to everyone who wants a very sweet and and romantic book to read for the holidays.  Both stories end with a Happily Ever After thank gosh.  This a a definite reread for me.

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  1. Your post truly makes a person want to go out and read this author's work. You get in there and give your passion to the words which simply jumps from the page.

  2. Thanks hun!!! I truly loved this book and I wanted everyone to know. Glad you enjoyed the review!!