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Blog Tour: The Chronicles of Fire and Ice by L.L. Hunter

The Chronicles of Fire and Ice (The Legend of The Archangel #1)
Title: The Chronicles of Fire and Ice
Author: L.L. Hunter
Publisher: Xlibris Publishing 
Published: November 9th, 2012
Pages: 215
Format: Paperback/ebook

Goodreads Synopsis

Is love stronger than race?

The world is changeing as we know it, the human race is dwindling, but so are the angels. In order to preserve their bloodlines they have bred with humans, creating a new race called Nephilim. But there is one race that is more endangered than humans or Seraphim, Archangels.
As most people believe the Archangels have become extinct, rumours surface of a Legend; that a baby was born out of flame, the offspring of an archangel.

Dyston Blackbell is tasked to find and protect this child. He sends her strange dreams in hope that she will find him. When he discovers that she has enrolled at his family’s angel academy in Melbourne, he will do anything to protect Scarlett. But when he finds himself falling for her the Heavenly realm rejects him.

But 21-year-old Scarlett Porter realises that being half Archangel has some advantages. She has developed a unique trait, one that marks her as an Archangel. Will she keep it to herself or use it to fight back?

When an old enemy resurfaces, The Lucifites, Scarlett discovers that Dyston’s older brother Lakyn is at the helm of their sinister plans; to destroy the Nephilim race or use Scarlett for their own selfish purposes when they find out who she really is.

And when Lakyn discovers that Scarlett had only seduced him to rescue Dyston from his prison in the Realm of Light, it sends him on a journey of self-discovery and destruction. One that sees him venturing farther off course than his father would like. Will he choose a new life of love or his old life of darkness

Now for the interview!!!!  This interview is with three characters from the story, Scarlett, Dyston and Lakyn.  This interview was so much fun!!!  I hope you all enjoy!!!

1.  Can you 3 tell me a little about yourselves?
Lakyn: Well I am a professor at my family's academy, i teach Combat Training, and I also run my own cigarette business.
Dyston: With a little scheming on the side
Lakyn: Hush, brother.
Scarlett: Its true. I'm a student, I just started at the academy and I just found out I am the last remaining one with archangel blood in existence.
Dyston: I'm also a student in my last year at the academy, i'm also a musician.

2.  What is your relationship to each other?

D: Well Lakyn is my older brother, unfortunately, and Scarlett's my girlfriend.

 3.  What are your hobbies?
D: Piano, studying.
S: Reading, singing.
L: Study, working out…
D: Scheming (Dyston smirks)
L: I told you to shut it.

 4.  Can you tell me how each of you met?

D: Unfortunately I met Lakyn when I was born, but I met Scarlett on her first day at the academy.
S: Yeah we literally bumped into each other, but I felt as though we had met before.

5.  What is one thing you like about each other?

L: The only thing i like about my brother is his determination, everything else are faults.
D: The only thing i like about Lakyn is his artistic ability. He created all the weapons in the angelic universe.
S: True, Dyston, that is pretty cool, he doesn't have any other redeeming qualities.
L: You are so nice.
S: One thing I like about Dyston, no LOVE about Dyston, is his eyes. He has the most amazing chocolate brown eyes with these irises that when they reflect the light they emit all the colours of the spectrum.

6.  If you can change one thing about each other, what would it be and why?

S: Dyston's over protective nature, its really annoying.
D: Scarlett's stubbornness
S: And if I could change anything about Lakyn I would give him a heart.

7.  Can you give us some information about you all as angels?  Give us insight into your world?

D: Sure. You know how in the human bible there is Heaven, Hell and Purgatory? Well we have our own. They are called Realms. The Realm of Light is the angel equivalent to Purgatory, The Realm of Ice is Hell essentially, and the Realm of Fire is Heaven.
S: And we have to go to an academy by the age of 21, because thats when our angel traits are beginning to show, we have to be taught how to live with them.

8. What do you truly think of each other?

S: Dyston is an egotistic but charismatic and loyal guy whom I love
D: Scarlett is a stubborn, but independent and sexy young woman with the best angelic trait in the universe.
L: Dyston is a weak, immature boy and Scarlett is a conniving bitch.

9.  With what is going on in your lives, is there anything you would change or do differently?

S: Yes i would do anything to try and save our friend Kat.
D: I would change the fact that Scarlett slept with Lakyn.

10.  If you can change something about yourself, what would it be and why?

D: My over protective nature
L: My weakness when it comes to Rachael and Eden

11.  If you could give us any advice, what would that be and why?

D: Fight for those you love
L: Stick to your goal, don't get distracted.
S: Life could end at any moment, if you find someone who cares about you, do everything you can to keep them, and tell them you care.

12.  If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you choose to be stuck with and why?

D: Definitely not Lakyn, I would end up murdering him.
L: I wouldn't mind being stuck with my little brother, maybe I could teach him that love is weakness
S: I would definitely want to be stranded with Dyston. Maybe I would stay there forever with him.

 13.  Describe your perfect match?  What are you looking for in a person?

L: Someone who shares my views on the world.
D: I have found my perfect match (smiles at Scarlett)
S: Ditto

14.  Let's be honest with this question.  What is your biggest quirk?

S: Probably my fire trait
D: My awesome ability to create storms and dry myself off
L: My dazzling blue eyes
D: That's a quality not a quirk, Lakyn. how about your drawing ability? or your healing trait?
L: They don't want to hear about that.

15.  Favorite color?

S: Red
L: Blue
D: Black

16.  Favorite quote?

L: "love is weakness"

17.  Okay boys, all of us females want to know.  Boxers or briefs? Scarlett can share her opinion in this as well.

L: I am definitely a briefs man
D: Yeah I like those Bonds briefs
S: I can't believe we have to answer this question (laughs) Dyston definitely looks sexy in his tight boy leg briefs.

18.  Can each of you tell me about your most embarrassing moment?

L: When Scarlett tricked me into thinking she generally cared for me, I never felt so vulnerable
S: The first time my trait appeared when i was singing in front of a crowd in high school.
D: I would have to say the first time my trait appeared too.

19.  Can each of you share a secret that no one else knows?

L: I know why Dyston's wings are black
S: I don't have any secrets that I know of
D: Me either

20.  If you could trade places with any character form a book, who would it be and why?

L: I would probably pick someone king like, or even my own father.

L.L. Hunter

                                                   About the Author
  I am an Australian author who began writing when I was fifteen or sixteen, originally song lyrics, but then moved onto fanfiction when I was nineteen. Having published over 20 stories online. One of which was nominated for an award. I have also written, directed and starred in two original plays entitled, “No Frills Airlines: Flight 123,” and the sequel, “No frills Airlines: Come Fly with Us.” The latter of which was a musical.

I have studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science and dramatic arts but have always known my true calling was writing.
My hobbies include, writing my books and scripts, reading, singing, acting, directing, watching movies, 50’s fashion and playing with my animals. When I am not writing I can be found reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of my ‘furbabies’.

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