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Review: A Fighter's Desire by L.P. Dover

Title: A Fighter's Desire
Series: Gloves Off
Author: L.P. Dover
Rating: 5/5 Stars


Two is always better than one.

Knowing a fighter’s desires and needs are one thing, but actually experiencing them is another. A Fighter’s Desire gives you not one, but two stories full of hardcore passion, angst, and action that’ll leave you breathless and aching for more.

Part One: Ryley and Camden Jameson, well-known MMA fighters and identical twins, were just as aggressive and passionate in the bed as they were in the ring. They loved a good fight, and that’s exactly what they got when they met Ashleigh Warren. The brothers had a habit of sharing things—including women—and she happened to be the only one they truly craved. However, the problem was getting her to agree to their proposition. It was one she couldn’t refuse, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to win. Nonetheless, she sure as hell was going to enjoy it.

Part Two: Fighting temptation isn’t easy when you’re constantly around the one person you’ve desired more than any other. Gabriella Reynolds was warned by her brother, MMA Heavyweight Champion Matt Reynolds, to stay away from his friends; they only wanted one thing, and in the end they’d break her heart. She heard it, but the desire to have the one man she couldn’t led her down the forbidden path to pursue him; he also happens to be one of her brother’s best friends. Tyler Rushing can’t deny his attraction to her, and he’s afraid she’ll want more than what he can give her. When he finds out that’s not the case … everything changes. They have no choice but to keep their time a secret, and it’s a secret that’ll stay with them forever.


Ding...Ding...Ding!!!!!  Knock out!!!!!  That's what L.P. Dover this with story.  It was fan-freaking-tastic!!!!  Her books get better and better.  I am always very excited to get my hands on one of her books.  The story was written beautifully and well thought out.  I felt as if I was a part of the story.  I would trade places with these females in a heartbeat just to have these MMA fighters as friends.  I have met them in other books, but when they get a book of their own, I really feel for them.  I have come to care about these characters and what happens to them.   I loved how the story switched POVs.  It was nice to get inside each of their heads and see what they were thinking, especially the MMA fighters.

Part One

Double Trouble and oh boy that is a fact.  But who couldn't love the twins.  Ryley and Camden share everything, including women.  When Ashleigh stepped into the picture, they both wanted her.  She tried to fight past her desires, but being with the twins at the same time, was a moment no one could pass up, not even her.  Camden turned out to be a real piece of work though.  I felt sorry for him, because he keeps everything hidden and has so many regrets.  He has so much anger in him because of that.  Ryley is a sweet guy.  He tried to show Ashleigh that she was more than just a one night stand.  Deep down, I think he really started to care for her.  I love both Ryley and Camden.  I hope they both get their acts together and find the one woman that will tame them both.  

Part Two

This story focuses on Gabriella and Tyler.  Gabriella is Matt's brother, and he warned all the MMA fighters to stay away from her.  They are all afraid of him so of course they do.  Matt is very protective of his sister and I love that about him.  Tyler has changed in this story.  We all knew him as a real nice guy, but all that fame got to his head, and now he is like Ryley and Camden.  Not into commitments.  They want to keep having their fun.  I am really hoping Tyler goes back to his old self, because these two really seem to care about each other.  I also want to point out how I love that we finally get to see Gabriella fighting!!!!  Finally, a woman that kicks some butt in the ring!!!!!  There was a scare between Ashleigh, Ryley and Colin in this book.  Everything supposedly turned out fine with it, but to me something still seems off.  I kinda hope that the scare comes true!!!

A Fighter's Desire was a fantastic book that had me hooked from beginning to end.  Each part left off with a cliffhanger that definitely left me wanting more.  My only complaint, if you want to call it a complaint, is that I wish it wasn't in two parts.  I love how L.P. gave each main character their own book.  I wanted more of Ashleigh and the twins, and Gabriella and Tyler.  I know I'll get more in the next book, but I wanted more now!!!!  So that is a compliment as well!!!! This is a book that I highly recommend!!!!  Everyone should read it!!!  I know I will reread it in the near future!!!

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