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Blog Tour Stop: The Unloved by Jennifer Snyder: Review and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on The Unloved blog tour by Jennifer Snyder hosted by YA Bound.  Click HERE to see the rest of the blog tour schedule!

The Unloved
by Jennifer Snyder
Release Date: 07/30/12
263 pages

Summary from Goodreads:

Sometimes the love our heart needs to heal can be found in the familiar eyes of a childhood friend...

Julie Porter learned the hard way that trust is something which must be earned and not something to be given out lightly, those who say they love you are those who hold the power to hurt you most, and best friends can help you survive anything—until they move away.

Nick Owen knows a thing or two about a hard life. At a young age Nick learned how to take a hit and to make lemonade out of the lemons life tossed his way. Returning home after nearly two years of being away, all Nick cares about now is protecting his mom from the abusive hands of his father and catching up with his best friend—the girl who lived across the street, the girl he can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Finally reunited after two years apart, Nick and Julie are about to learn that age does nothing to protect you from life’s trials and tribulations, heartache and loss, but maybe together they’ll find a way to survive.

(Mature Young Adult, contains violence, language, and sexual situations.)

My Review

The Unloved was a beautiful story that definitely took me on an emotional journey.  I loved how realistic this story was.  Everything that Julie and Nick faced is something that a lot of people actually face today.  That made the story more meaningful to me.  I was able to connect with the characters very easily.  This isn't a situation that I have ever been in, but Jennifer's writing style was able to draw me in and make me feel as if I was there.  I was feeling the raw emotions that the characters possessed.  The love and the pain.  What also drew me into this story was the fact that the best friends who have always been there for each other, became something more.   Nick's father was abusive to his mother. He was an alcoholic.  Julie's mom is a stripper who is addicted to drugs.  She would bring men home and they would come on to Julie.  Nick and Julie were there for each other.  Nick gets sent away and Julie had to learn to protect herself.  Two years later, Nick returns to the one person he can't quit thinking about and they become so much more.

This story was a heart-wrenching story that definitely left me in tears.   I was enthralled with the story after the very first page.  I couldn't put it down, because I loved both Nick and Julie.  I wanted to see if everything was going to work out with them.  The Unloved is a MUST read everyone!!!!  I highly recommend this book.  I have not read any books by Jennifer before, but after this one, I will definitely be grabbing her other books.  

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About the Author
I live in a small town nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my husband and two small children. Growing up, I was always an avid reader. My mother spent way too much money on R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike books!
Writing a novel of my own wasn't something I'd ever given much thought to. It seemed like an unobtainable, far-fetched dream. Then, in late 2007, I attempted to put pen to paper for the first time. What came out wasn't pure gold. And what came out next wasn't either. Things didn't work that way for me. I had to write and rewrite and learn more about my 'voice' as an author first.
It took me a while to find that. Roughly about two years.
I did make a stab at going the traditional route to getting a novel of mine published, but it didn't work out. Some might say I gave up too quickly, some might not. You can look on the 'For Writers' tab to read my post on why I went the way I did to hear the full story.
I will say, I don't regret my decision to Self-Publish. It was right for me. I'm loving that fact that I am able to still be a stay-at-home-mom even though my kids are both now in elementary school. I thank my readers for that. Seriously, a million times over I thank you!
SHATTERED SOUL was my debut novel and no, you haven't seen the end of me yet...

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