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Camden's Redemption by L.P. Dover: Review

Title: Camden's Redemption
Author: L.P. Dover
Publication: February 17th, 2015
Rating: 5/5 Stars


For so long, UFC Middleweight fighter, Camden Jameson lived in his twin brother’s shadow, competing to be the best. When he lost his way, he turned to the Dark Side and did some unforgiveable things. After his betrayal, he tried to earn his redemption, but it wasn’t enough. Now his whole world has fallen apart and he’s on the run from those who want him dead. But he’s not alone.

Undercover agent, Brooklyn Avery, has been assigned to Camden’s case, to watch and protect him. For months, she’s been in the shadows, keeping her distance. All of that changes when the mission takes a dangerous turn and she needs to get closer to protect him. Their love is forbidden, but once they see past each other’s scars, they realize they have what it takes to heal the other. Unfortunately, Camden still has a price to pay for his sins.

Lives will be lost, some will be damaged, and a dark, hidden secret will be revealed. In the end, Camden finally learns what it means to put everything on the line for love, even if it costs him.


This series gets better and better.  The Gloves Off series has become one of my favorite series of all time.  I will continually go back and reread them and never stop loving them.  These fighters have become my fighters.  I feel like I have known them for a long time.  I feel like I know them and I love that.  I loved how we got dual POVs with this book so we get Brooklyn's POV as well as Camden's.  And let's face it, we all want to know what is going on in Camden's head.  It was great to finally see and understand what makes him tick.  I was able to understand and connect with him now.  The poor guy just wanted to be loved.  

Camden's Redemption has become one of my favorites in this book series!!!  Camden has popped up on several of the other books and you love him then hate him.  But now, in his own book, you can't help to go back to loving him.  I was so happy to go on Camden's journey with him and see him change for the good.  He let jealousy and insecurity knock him down, but he got himself together again.  He regretted everything that he did and who he became that he couldn't see anything but a monster.  But Brooklyn looked past the scars and saw Camden for who he truly was.  After watching him for months, she saw the changes he made.  She knew him better than anyone. 

Camden basically lived from town to town.  He is on the run hiding from Scar so he is unable to stay in a town for too long.  Camden isn't a coward.  He actually wants to go back and face it head on, but the friends he does have, won't let him.  And little does he know, he has been under surveillance the whole time.  Brooklyn has been watching and protecting him for over 4 months.  She has also been keeping him out of trouble and keeping the women away.  That was hilarious!!!  When they finally meet, sparks fly.  But in their own way, they fight it.  When all the secrets come out, Brooklyn vows to always protect Camden with her life.  He refuses to the let that happen and does what he thinks is best for Brooklyn and leaves.  But Brooklyn hunts him down and lets him have it.  Let's just say they are perfect for each other.

Camden's Redemption took was a fantastic book from start to finish.  It was completely epic and left me wanting more.  I want to see him when their little bundle of joy comes and see him experience that all for the first time.  I love seeing Camden so protective over Brooklyn especially after they found out this news.  So I want more!!!!  This book had a lot of surprise and shockers.  I had a feeling who the villain was since it is always the one you least suspect and I was right!!!  This was an AMAZING story and I highly recommend it!!!  It is a MUST read everyone!!!!  

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