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Blog Tour: Crimson Fire by Bella Harte: Guest Post and Giveaway

Title: Crimson Fire ~ Book II ~ The Seraphoenix Saga

Author: Bella Harte
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance ~ YA Fantasy
Publish Date: 22nd May 2014
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Blog Tour: 1st – 14th June
Cover Artist: Jessica Allain Art

Book Blurb:
It was meant to be fixed… her destiny back on track, how wrong could she be…
Just when Scarlett thought everything was back to normal, well as normal as life can be with a posse of Seraphoenix Angel Guardians looking out for you.  She wakes to find her life plunged into a whole new nightmare, where time itself has changed and she appears to be the only one aware of it. 

In this new reality everything has altered, Leo and the Seraphoenix are missing.  Even her parents are different, as they turn against her when she is unexpectedly framed for things she didn't do.  To make matters worse she is unceremoniously shipped off to a supposed reform school for out of control teens in the wilds of ‘god-knows-where’ escorted by someone she recognises and really wished she didn’t.

Nothing is what it seems at the new school and the pupils are less than hospitable.  Scarlett finds herself in one deadly situation after another at the mercy of all those around her, and there is no-one she can trust with her secret.

Can Scarlett escape the menacing clutches of evil in this new reality?
Will Leo come to her rescue?

So you thought you knew all about Angels ~ here's some you've never met before
The Seraphoenix
A whole new breed, who are as sexy as hell and decidedly dangerous!
Find out how it all began in:  Scarlett Phoenix ~ Book I

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Guest Post

What fiction most influenced your childhood, and what effect did those stories have on Crimson Fire?
The fiction I grew up with was the likes of:  Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, Carolyn Keene, E. Nesbit, Tove Jansson,  Douglas Adams, Diana Wynne Jones, James Herriot  and Richard Adams just to name a few,  well there are so many,  it would be impossible to list them all.  Plus I always liked to read a wide and varied cross-section of genres to keep things fresh and exciting.
I can’t say that anything I read as a child had a direct effect on my novel Crimson Fire, so far as the story or plot are concerned as they are as far apart as the North and South Pole, maybe further.  However, what I can say is this, all those authors that I did read in my early years impacted my life and love of words more than anyone else, they are the sole reason I write novels today, because if it had been left to my parents I would never have done anything creative with my life as they see creativity as a waste of time.  Yes, I hear you screaming too, but sadly some people just don’t have any creativity or the capacity to understand it either – that’s their choice.

I owe great thanks to the local library and all those authors for keeping me entertained and inspired as a child and most importantly for giving me the motivation as an adult to write my own, in my own style, and in my own way.



Aaron laughed out loud. It was an infectious, sexy laugh and Scarlett pressed her lips together to stop smiling, as the tense atmosphere diffused instantaneously.
            “I’m sorry,” he apologised. “I’m not laughing at you it’s just that saying always makes me laugh…”
            Scarlett shrugged again and stared at the fire as she bit her lip.
            “Look,” he said leaning forward in the chair. “For what it’s worth, I don’t believe your file either. You just don’t seem the type to be engaging in those activities… Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I’m a pretty good judge of character and this written profile is not what I’m seeing sitting in front of me,” he paused thoughtfully for a moment. “That is, unless you are a seriously good actress.”
            She stared at him, his face was divine and he had an undeterminable aura that made it impossible to lie to him.
            Leaning back on the sofa, she spoke softly. “There would be no point in me lying to you; you’d be able to see through any untruths in a heartbeat and besides, I don’t lie.”
            He stared at her raptly, his eyes boring into her.  She moved on the sofa, tilting her head as she held his gaze.
            “You are very perceptive,” he mused with great interest. “So tell me, how do you know anything about me?”

Author Bio:
Bella Harte has been writing for well over a decade, and completed several novels before deciding to go in a whole new direction and write for the Young Adult genre. More specifically the YA PNR – Young Adult Paranormal Romance category.
Her first published YA Novel was ‘Scarlett Phoenix’ - Book I in The Seraphoenix Saga in 2012, with Book II:- ‘Crimson Fire’ being scheduled for release in 2014 and Book III:- ‘Red Ashes’ for 2015.
She has also been working on two other YA PNR series:
The Angel of Death Series
 Book I – Reaper     Book II – Touched     Book III – Afterlife
Nine Lives Series
Book I – The Glaring    Book II – Midnight Calling     Book III - Hunters Moon  
Aside from writing, Bella has also worked as a fashion designer and interior designer. She lives in a quiet part of rural England with her gorgeous husband, who doesn't mind in the slightest if she vanishes for hours at a time into her writing cave.

Author Links:
Twitter: @BellaHarteBooks
LinkedIn: LinkedIn

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