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Re-Release Blitz/Review: Memories of Me by Dani Hart

Title: Memories of Me

Author: Dani Hart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Re-release Date: June 12, 2017


*Inspired by true events*

(Characters are a work of fiction)

When you close your eyes and open them again you expect to
see the world as it was a fraction of a second ago. Maybe a slight change from
a passing breeze, but you are still in the same place, unmoving and unchanged.
You don’t expect to be somewhere else where the faces are unfamiliar. Where you
are unfamiliar. 

With one blink I had no family, no home, no name, and no
past. I was alone, until I met the Reilly brothers. They gave me purpose again.
A reason to trust. A reason to love. A reason to rebuild a life full of
forgotten memories. Together, they would try to rewrite my history.

5/5 Stars

I loved, loved, loved this book so much!!  Adored it!!  This book was so much more than I ever expected.  Memories of Me is beautifully written and filled with so much passion and love.  It was intense and very raw.  Everything felt so real to me.  I fell in love with the characters in this amazing book.  They grew so much by the end of the story.   I loved how multi-dimensional the characters were.  This story was woven together into a perfect masterpiece, and I loved being there to see how it all unraveled.  There wasn't anything I didn't like about this story.  It was absolutely perfect.  Full of suspense, heart-break, love, loss and passion.

Freckles woke up in a hospital not remembering anything that had an emotional attachment.  Not having anywhere to go, Grady claims her and takes her to his other place to stay.  While staying there she meets Brandt and instantly feels the butterflies. There is immediate chemistry with these two.  She tries to learn who she is and why she did what she did. When Freckles learns her name is Baylor, she remembers everything.  The question is who is Baylor?  Why did she only lose memories that were emotional to her? 

I fell in love with Brandt.  He is the absolute perfect boyfriend.  He was always there slowly showing Freckles the way.  This man was so supportive and loving.  When Freckles woke up and they met at Grady's place, Brandt and Freckles had an instant connection.   It was love at first sight for them.  Or was it? 

I also fell in love with Grady.  I wanted to reach in and hug this man.  He also lost everyone he loved and it was very hard for him to deal with.  With Brandt and Baylor together, he wants what they have.  And the reminders are always there with Baylor.  I understood all the reasons he had on leaving Baylor and Brandt.  He really did need to heal on his own.

I fell in love with Baylor, Grady and Brandt.  I was constantly wondering who Baylor was to these two brothers.  I had my ideas, but I couldn't be sure.  These three barely survived the traumatic incidence that took everyone they loved.  They question why they were alive when they should have been dead too.  Grady, Baylor and Brandt suffer so much.  And they suffer in their own way.  Brandt tried to be the strong one and take care of the two most important people in his life.  Grady drowned himself in alcohol.  After another loss, Baylor does the only thing she can do to get away from the pain.

What these characters faced was truly horrific and heart-breaking.  I felt as if I was right there with them.  Once I started this story, I was immediately pulled in.  I couldn't put this book.  It was mind-blowingly epic!!!  Have the tissues ready for this one.

I was very shocked at the beginning with how this book went in the love interest aspect.  Since she met Grady first, I immediately thought she was going to end up with Grady.  But this book completely changed directions and went another way.  It took me completely by surprise.

Memories of Me was an enthralling read that left me feeling so many emotions.  This epic love story pulled so many heart-strings.  The end of this story definitely left me wanting more.  I want to see more of Brandt and Baylor, but I need Grady's story!!  I am really hoping I get to read more about him!!!  Loved where it was heading at the end with him.   This will definitely not be the last book I read by Dani Hart!!!  I highly recommend this book!!!  Memories of Me is a MUST read!!!

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Author Bio

I have always been drawn to words. They have this magic to
touch my soul when I need it the most, whether through reading or writing. My
love for writing started as most little girl's with a diary. It evolved into a
big girl journal and then transformed into a notebook of poetry during the dark
days of high school. I followed my dream to USC (University of Southern
California) to study theatre, creative writing, and screenwriting. Finally, I
understood how to take the stories in my head and commit them to paper. I was
fortunate enough to sell my first professional script during college and have
been writing ever since. 

In 2013 I took to self-publishing. I realized quickly that
my passion resonated across many genres, so currently I have published young adult,
fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, new adult, and women’s fiction. With both of my
kids in school full-time now I am able to immerse myself in my passion more and
when I’m not writing I’m enjoying the short time I have with my babies and my

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