Monday, June 1, 2015

Title: No Limit
Author: L.P. Dover
Publication: May 26th, 2015
Rating: 5/5 Stars


Murder. Lies. Betrayal.

I deal with those things every day. My name is Jason Avery, one of the best undercover agents in the country. I have yet to fail on a mission, which is why I’ve been sent to Vegas. Countless women have been abducted, tortured, only to show up dead in the middle of the night. It’s my job to find out which sick fuck is responsible. Unfortunately, every lead sends me to a dead end; at least, until Aylee McFadden shows up at my door.

Aylee is a stubborn, headstrong FBI agent and also one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen with a gun. In joining me, it gives us the leverage we need to get on the inside. She fights me at every turn, but soon realizes there’s more to me than tattoos and a dirty mouth. I can’t get enough of her. Now that we’re in the game, we’re one step closer to solving the crime. However, gambling with money isn’t what the big boys want. They want the one thing I’m not willing to give.

It’s a no limit game, and if I back down I lose everything. I will lose her.


No Limit was fan-freaking-tastic!!!!  L.P. Dover has done it again!!!  I am always excited to read a new book from her, because she never disappoints.  Each book is filled with awesomesauce!!!!  Including this one!!!  No Limit took me on an exciting ride from beginning to end.  Each time I think I had something figured out, I would be wrong.  With L.P. books, you have to expect the unexpected!!!  I loved the characters in this story.  Jason and Aylee can kick some major butt.    I was very glad that I was able to read this book through both of their POVs!!!!  That was a huge plus!!!

Jason gets sent to Las Vegas to solve a murder case.  This case has taken longer than any of his other cases to solve.  Aylee shows up to assist him in the case only Jason works alone.  He doesn't need or want help from the FBI.  The more time they spend together, the more their chemistry sizzles.  And holy batman it is hot!!!  Their chemistry was off the charts.  You could just feel the sexual tension between them.  And both were stubborn.  They fit perfectly together.  I loved watching their feelings slowly turn to something more.  They became so protective over each other, but had to learn to trust each other.  

No Limit was a thrilling and unforgettable ride.  I am really hoping that I get to see more of these characters in the future.  OMG!!!  We got to see Tyler and Kyle in this book!!!  I laughed so much seeing what Jason asked Kyle to do.  That was hilarious.  I loved, loved, loved this book!!! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next time!!!  Grab this book!!!  This is a definite reread and I highly recommend it to everyone!!!   

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